$50 Off Advanced PowerPoint for Mac Training! (Reg Price $199)


PowerPoint_for_Mac_2011_thumb230If you’re a Mac user we have a great special for you!

Our Advanced PowerPoint for Mac training is the best in New York City. Our classes focus on the most useful functions and tasks we see NYC business using.

Take your user knowledge to a whole new level by learning how to manipulate slide masters, insert Excel charts/graphs or Word documents, develop animation and sounds, use flash content and more!

To purchase with $50 off promotion call 212.658.1918 or email karyn@training-nyc.com


QuickBooks for Mac 11/21/16 Training $50 Off!

Our November 21, 2016 QuickBooks for Mac Level I Group Class is on sale for $149 (regularly $199).

This class is for those who want to maximize the power of QuickBooks for Mac bookkeeping and accounting operations.

You’ll not only learn the program from the bottom up, but you’ll also learn best accounting practices and how to properly setup your business for accurate financial reporting, forecasting and budgeting.

Our trainer is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor who works in the industry daily and shares his experience with real-life accounting issues to help you avoid common errors in QuickBooks.


Virtual Reality Training at NYIM – Best VR Training in NYC!

Our Essentials of 360 Virtual Reality training course is fun, vibrant and will teach you the best way to create a smooth VR viewing experience, with no ‘seasickness’ effect.

When you are finished you will have multiple 360 videos finished and uploaded to popular 360 VR websites. You’ll learn proper equipment set up, syncing, stitching and output. We will learn on the most popular Stitching software. You will receive a VR Filming Certificate at successful completion of the course.vr_balloon

Learn how to film in 360 Virtual Reality, the differences and difficulties of filming in 360 and best ways to overcome them

We offer the most practical and useful 360 Virtual Reality training group classes and private training in NYC.

Visit our website at training-nyc.com or call 212-658-1918 for more information.


$199 QuickBooks Level 1 or Level 2 for PC, Mac, or Online Classes (Regularly $299 each)

Our QuickBooks trainer is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor who shares his accounting insights and best practices as he trains you in the essentials of this popular accounting software.

Come, learn, keep track of your finances properly as you grow your business!


People With Excel Skills Earn More Money!

excel_2013Looking to learn Excel or brush up on your existing skills?
Our basic and advanced Excel classes are on sale for $199 (normally $299)!

The price includes the following:
-One full day training in the subject area (7 hrs with a 1 hr lunch included) or 2 or evenings (3 hrs each session)
-Free Retakes for Life!”™ of that version
-Any Upgraded version of the class taken offered at 75% off, with free retakes applied to that class/version
-Manual to keep w/ access to student files
-Free forum support for after class
-Mousepad withshortcuts to keep
-Hands on, project-based learning
-Small Classes of 4 to 9 people
-Fast NEW computers!
-Comfortable chairs, convenient location
-Patient, Fun, Experienced Trainers
-We provide coffee, tea, water and chocolate

Visit our website at www.training-nyc.com where you can view all our classes and purchase a seat 24/7.

We also offer private, one-on-one training with our Excel experts.

To arrange a private session, please call 212-658-1918 or email karyn@training-nyc.com

NYIM Training — ‘the most practical computer training in NYC”

50% off 9/27 Excel PowerPivot Fundamentals and 10/6 Fast as Hell at Excel Classes!

Excel 2013

If you have big data that you need to be able to flex to pinpoint specific information, you’ll love these classes!

Our PowerPivot Fundamentals class concentrates on how to create powerful pivot tables through multiple table relationships, allowing different perspectives on large amounts of data.

Fast as Hell at Excel class gives the skills to become up to 35-60% faster while working in Excel, use Excel without ever touching your mouse and exposes you to all of Excel’s shortcuts.

Call us at 212-658-1918 to be enrolled with 50% discount today!

NYIM PowerPoint Group Class Training $50 Off for 9/21/16 and 9/22/16 Only!






We offer the most practical PowerPoint class training in New York City. Our classes focus on the most useful functions in today’s business world. Learn how to manipulate master slides, insert animation and sounds, flash content and more!

To purchase before classes are full, visit our website at www.training-nyc.com or call 212.658.1918

PowerPoint Sale!!! – $50 off selected Classes


PowerPoint Sale
$50 off selected PowerPoint classes

PowerPoint for Mac class on September 21– $149 ONLY (reduced from $199)

Advanced PowerPoint for PC class on September 22 – $149 ONLY (reduced from $199)

We offer the most practical PowerPoint group classes and private training in NYC.

The PowerPoint class concentrates on the most common topics that we see NYC businesses using on a daily basis.

Visit us at www.training-nyc.com or call 212-658-1918 to enroll while the price is hot!<

NYIM – MS Outlook Tip of the Day – How to Create AutoCorrect Entries to Use as Email Templates

Outlook 2013 Training in NYC

Outlook’s AutoCorrect function is best known for automatically fixing typos and spelling, and expanding acronyms into plain text.

But did you know you can have Outlook insert whole blocks of text into your email by typing a few keys?

So easy and so efficient for those standard, repetitive email replies!

Here we go:

  1.  On the “Home” tab, go to “New Email”
  2.  Type in or copy/paste the text you want to insert automatically
  3.  Highlight the text
  4.  In THAT email window, Go to the “File” tab, select “Options”
  5.  At “Options”, select “Mail”, then click “Spelling and AutoCorrect” button
  6.  You should land on the “Proofing” tab at next screen, select “AutoCorrect Options”
  7.  You’ll see all existing AutoCorrect entries in grid at bottom of screen
  8.  At “Replace” field type a short word/phrase as the code for the text you want
  9.  At “With” field, select “Plain” or “Formatted” text (use formatted if there is bolding,  underlines, etc. in your text)
  10.  Click “Ok” button 3 times
  11.  Type the code word you created in a new email and – voila! there is your frequently-used text!

Don’t know how to use Outlook?  No worries!  Visit our website at www.training-nyc.com for a list of all our upcoming Outlook Essentials classes.  Call 212-658-1918, mention you saw this tip on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account and receive a 20% discount on your Outlook Essentials training!


NYIM Corporate Group Class Discount!

Attention all HR and Corporate Training professionals:

Right now, purchase 5 or more Group Classes at a 20% discount – that’s like getting one class free!

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The fiscal year-end approaches, so rely on us to get the most value for your training dollars!