Fill Weedays Series (Excel 2010)

Quickly Create A Series Of Weekdays

Often in your spreadsheets you need to record information for weekdays only (i.e. exclude weekends). You may already know that you can type a day or date in a cell and, when you drag the Fill Handle (i.e. small black square on the bottom right corner of the currently selected cell or range), Excel will automatically fill in a series of days.

Most people I see using this feature drag to fill in a series of days and then manually delete the cells containing the weekend days.

If you haven’t already discovered, there’s another related but lesser-known trick that allows you to quickly fill in just the weekdays (Monday to Friday) in your cells.

You begin by selecting the cell with the day you want to start with. Next, drag the Fill Handle  with your right mouse button to fill the range you need. Release the mouse button and a menu will pop up. Select Fill Weekdays and the range of cells will be filled with just weekdays.

The neat thing is that this trick works for both weekday names as text and also for dates.

Fill cells with only weekdays (no weekends)

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