How To Locate All Merged Cells On A Worksheet (Excel 2007/2010 Training)

1) Press CTRL+F to open the Find and Replace dialog;

2) Make sure that the ‘Find what’ field is empty and the ‘Match case’ and ‘Match entire cell contents’ options are not checked;

3) Click the Format… button;

4) Select the Alignment tab;

5) Check the ‘Merge cells’ option;

6) Click OK to close the Find Format dialog;

7) Click the Find All button. All merged cells will be listed at the bottom of the dialog;

8) With the Find dialog still open, press CTRL+A to select all cells listed at the bottom of the dialog and you’ll notice that all of those cells will be select on the worksheet as well;

Locate all merged cells in a worksheet

At this point I usually either:

(a) close the Find dialog and apply a background color to the selected cells to make them easier to identify or

(b) keep the Find dialog open and do my editing on the worksheet. When I need to select another group of merged cells, I click the cell reference in the Find dialog. If you have unmerged some cells, you can click the Find All button again to update the list.

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