How to Make a Find Request in Access [Solved]

How to Make a Find Request in Access

Filemaker LogoTo find records, work in Find mode. You type search criteria (the value or values to find) into fields in a find request, which looks like a blank record. When you perform the find, FileMaker Pro searches for records that match the criteria you entered. Matching records replace any previous found set.
To make a find request:
Switch to Find mode by clicking Find in the status toolbar.
From the Layout pop-up menu, select a layout that contains the fields you want to search for.
If necessary, you can change layouts and enter criteria on more than one layout.
In the find request, select a text, number, date, time, timestamp, or calculation field to use for finding, and then type a value in the field.
You can use the Insert Operators list in the layout bar to help you enter criteria.
You can click Omit to exclude records matching a specific set of criteria.
Click Perform Find.
Your find request returns a found set of records.The light green area of the pie chart Pie chartin the status toolbar indicates the portion of the total records displayed.
You can click the pie chart to toggle between your found set and the omitted records in the database. When all records are displayed, the pie chart is a solid color.
You can see the last several find requests you have performed in a Recent Finds list.
To access a list of recent finds:
Do one of the following:
In Find mode, click Saved Finds.
In Browse mode, click the down arrow next to Find (Windows), or click and hold Find (Mac OS).
Choose a find request from the Recent Finds list.


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