How to Sort Data in Excel 2007-2013

How to Sort Data in Excel 2007-2013

Excel’s sort feature is a quick and easy way to sort data in a spreadsheet. The options for sorting your data include:

Sort in ascending order – A to Z alphabetically or smallest to largest for number data.

Sort in descending order – Z to A alphabetically or largest to smallest for number data.

Custom sort – includes sorting by the cell background color or the font color of the data.

Example: Sort Data in Excel

For help with this example, see the image above.

Enter the following data into cells A1 to A6: 40, 20, 30, 60, 5, 25.

Drag select cells A1 to A6 to highlight them.

Click on the Home tab of the ribbon.

Click on the Sort & Filter icon on the ribbon to open the drop down list.

Click on Sort smallest to largest.

The data in cells A1 to A6 should now be in this order:

5, 20, 25, 30, 40, 60.

Note: Excel knows the difference between text and number data and adjust the options in the drop down list accordingly. For example, if cells A1 to A6 contained text – such as words or letters of the alphabet – instead of numbers the options in the Sort & Filter drop down list would change to Sort A to Z instead of Sort smallest to largest .

Also Note: If you have multiple columns of related data and you wish to perform a simple sort on one of those columns – such as sorting an address list by the person’s last name – remember to select all columns of related data before carrying out the sort in order to keep your data together.


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