Virtual Reality Training at NYIM – Best VR Training in NYC!

Our Essentials of 360 Virtual Reality training course is fun, vibrant and will teach you the best way to create a smooth VR viewing experience, with no ‘seasickness’ effect.

When you are finished you will have multiple 360 videos finished and uploaded to popular 360 VR websites. You’ll learn proper equipment set up, syncing, stitching and output. We will learn on the most popular Stitching software. You will receive a VR Filming Certificate at successful completion of the course.vr_balloon

Learn how to film in 360 Virtual Reality, the differences and difficulties of filming in 360 and best ways to overcome them

We offer the most practical and useful 360 Virtual Reality training group classes and private training in NYC.

Visit our website at or call 212-658-1918 for more information.


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