How To Create a Group Using Office 365 [Solved]

How To Create a Group Using Office 365

  1. Open Lync, and, in your Contacts list, right-click any group name (for example, Office 365Frequent Contacts), click Create New Group, and then name the group.

Create New Group selected after right-clicking an existing group

  1. To add people to the new group, search for a contact, point to the contacts name in the search results, and then click the plus sign (+). Or, right-click the contact in the search results, click Add to Contacts List, and then click the group name.

Note:    If you see a Delegates group in your Contacts list, it’s showing the delegates you’ve set up in Outlook to manage your mail and calendar on your behalf. You manage these delegates in Outlook, not in Lync: in Outlook, go to File > Account Settings > Delegate Access.


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