How do I automatically save my Email messasges onto my hard drive (Outlook 2010 training)

Q: Is there an easy way to automatically save my email messages onto my shared drive?

A: The easiest way is a $50 Outlook plugin called MessageSave.


From their website

MessageSave benefits

  • Backup, save and archive Outlook e-mail messages on hard disk, network drive, CD-R, etc.
  • Save Outlook email messages, including attachments, as individual files.
  • Organize messages in file system folders for easy access, sharing and filing.
  • Institute consistent email archiving policy in your organization.
  • Keep email message along with other related documents.
  • Store messages for legal compliance.
  • Keep audit trail of email messages.
  • Standardize your organization’s email storage policy.
  • Reduce mailbox/PST size. Offload Exchange storage.
  • Automatically save messages with Outlook rules.
  • Process Outlook messages with custom scripts.

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