How to Change Attachment Settings In Outlook

How to Change Attachment Settings In Outlook

Outlook LogoThe email client from Microsoft is rich in numerous features that it even allows you to change the settings of the attachments that you intend to send through it. These features make it one of the most prominent email clients in the world. You can buy this application individually or with the Microsoft Office suite. The Microsoft Outlook price varies with each country and depends on local taxes and other duties. In this article, we will find out how to change the settings for the email attachments in Outlook.
In order to change the attachment settings, it is necessary that you open the Group Policy Editor in the window. You can find Group Policy Editor only in Windows XP computers. This feature is responsible for defining policy settings of various groups. With the help of a Group Policy Editor, you can make changes to the attachment settings.
Steps Involved
• Choose the option Start and open the Run window.
• In the Run window, enter gpedit.msc and click OK.
• The above step will launch Group Policy Editor.
• In the left pane, you will find User Configuration. Click this and expand.
• In the next step, expand Administrative Templates.
• Expand the option Microsoft Outlook 2010 and then the option Security.
• The next step is to expand Security Form Settings.
• Select the option Attachment Security. This will take you to the various settings about attachment in the right hand side.
• Make necessary changes to the settings as per your wish.
We hope that the above mentioned steps have helped you to make necessary changes to the attachments of your email. Once you finish with the group policy editor, restart your computer. This will help the changes to take effect. For additional assistance on this issue, you may contact our technical support team or Microsoft chat support.

With numerous options and features, Outlook has become one of the most preferred email clients in the world. If you wish to purchase this email client, navigate to the official website of Microsoft and go to the Office section. Find Microsoft Outlook price and download the program online. You also have the options to buy the software in disc format from a local store near you. It is advised that you purchase the disc from a store near you as you can make use of it to initiate repair installations if the program becomes corrupted at any point.


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