View Exchange Calendar in Google Calendar (Training Tutorial)

View Exchange Calendar in Google Calendar (Training Tutorial)

You need Outlook 2007 or higher.

Assuming you have a modern enough version of Outlook (2007+) and sufficient permissions, you should see a ribbon button to Publish Online. It’s in the Home -> Share group, from the Calendar view.
This will publish to a location that looks like this:
webcals://… (Google Calendar might not like the “webcals” – “webcal” (not encrypted) also should work.
In Google Calendar, drop down the arrow next to Other Calendars and choose “Add by URL”. If you don’t know the URL (like the example above), you can always click Publish Online -> “Share Published Calendar” in Outlook to retrieve that address.
If all this worked, you now have a MS Exchange calendar among your list of “Other calendars” in Google.

So with this we have calendar syncing without an additional desktop app, or even the need for a desktop to be running at all.

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