14 Most Useful Outlook keyboard shortcuts

Here are NYIM Trainers Favorites Top 4

  • Send a message- CTRL +ENTER
  • Reply- CTRL+R
  • Forward- CTRL+F
  • New Message- CTRL+N

From: http://blogs.Roffice.com/b/microsoft-outlook/archive/2011/10/18/outlook-keyboard-shortcuts-guide.aspx

  • Switch between Mail, Calendar, and Contacts
    • Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3: (Mail is Ctrl+1, Calendar is Ctrl+2, and Contacts is Ctrl+3)
  • Create a meeting request
    • Ctrl+Shift+ Q
  • Move a message from one folder to another
    • Ctrl+Shift+V
  • Go to the Inbox folder
    • Ctrl+Shift+I
  • Toggle between ALL CAPS, all lowercase, and Sentence Caps
    • Shift+F3 (This works in Word and when Word is your email editor.)
  • Create a bulleted list
    • Ctrl+Shift+L (This works in Word and when Word is your email editor.)
  • In Calendar, go to the same day the previous/following week
    • Alt+Arrow Up (previous) Alt+Arrow Down (following)
  • Open the Address Book
    • Ctrl+Shift+B
  • Responding to messages
    • Ctrl+R (Reply);  Ctrl+Shift+R (Reply All); Forward (Ctrl+F)
  • Send a message
    • Alt+S (Note: Be careful with this one; your fingers learn it VERY quickly and if you have any hot-headedness inside you, you may find that you’re blasting out messages faster than you’re really thinking about them…)


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