“OR” and “AND” multiple criterias Search folders in Outlook 2010

Note: This will also work for Outlook 2007

First you need to close Outlook 2010 if it is running. From taskbar click Windows Start Orb button, type regedit and hit Enter.

You will see Registry Editor dialog, start looking for:


Right-click the Outlook Folder, and from New menu click Key, this will add a new key to the outlook folder.

new key 1

Now Change the name of newly added key to QueryBuilder.

querybuilder 1

Close the Registry Editor dialog. Now launch Outlook 2010.

Right Click the Search Folder Icon and choose “New Search Folder”

Give the search folder a name

Press “Criteria”

Add Fields

In this case I choose to show all the emails To and From a certain email address.

Field > All Mail Fields > To
Add address

Field > All Mail Fields > From
Add address

Change Logical group to “OR” on top right

You can add other criteria

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