How to Enter Bills using QuickBooks [Solved]

How to Enter Bills using QuickBooks

Prompt and accurate recording of your company’s bills ensures that accounts are up to Quickbooks Logodate at the end of each fiscal period. If you manage your company’s accounts with QuickBooks business accounting software, use the program’s Enter Bills tool to record your bills and assign them to the correct expense account, such as your marketing, utilities or professional services expense accounts.

Step 1
Launch QuickBooks.
Step 2
Click the “Vendors” tab in the main menu and select “Enter Bills” from the drop-down menu.
Step 3
Click the “Vendor” drop-down arrow button. Select an existing vendor from the list or click “Add New” and enter a new vendor.
Step 4
Enter the correct date for the bill in the “Date” field.
Step 5
Enter the vendor’s address in the “Address” field if desired.
Step 6
Type the bill amount in the “Amount Due” field.
Step 7
Enter the reference number and terms and conditions into the applicable fields if desired. You can also type a memo to provide further details about the bill in the “Memo” field.
Step 8
Click the “Expenses” tab. Click inside the “Account” field and select the correct expense account from the drop-down list. QuickBooks sometimes auto-completes this field, but you can still change the account by clicking inside the field and selecting another account from the list.
Step 9
Click the “Save and Close” button to enter the transaction and close the window.


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