How to Update your Job Status in Quickbooks

How to Update your Job Status in Quickbooks

Quickbooks LogoIn one of the previous segments, I showed you how to Create an Estimate and from the Estimate create an Invoice. What you also need to remember, is that everytime you change the status of your job, you need to update that also in the Customer: Job list.

Previously, using the Sample Pro company file in QuickBooks, I created an estimate for Jason Cioran for 50 Mini Stanley Cups. I then added the League Fees to it and created an invoice from the second (duplicate) estimate. Now I need to update the status of this job, because there were not enough Mini Stanley Cups in stock and more had to be ordered.

Without this update, the order could fall between the cracks and never get filled. To do this I go to the Customer Centre, highlight Jason Cioran, Edit Customer, then click on the Job Info Tab.

From here, I will change the Job Status from Pending to In Progress, Start Date will coincide with the first estimate date and the Projected End is when I expect the order to be filled. Once the order is filled and the item is shipped, I would go back and update the Job Status as Closed and the End Date to the date the shipment took place.

In order to make sure that the Estimates, which were not used, do not increase the  database to an unmangable volume, I would mark that first estimate as Inactive, since it would not be used again.

Here’s how you do that.

From the Menu bar, choose Reports/Jobs, Time & Mileage and Estimates by Job. Scroll down till I find Jason Cioran, double click on Estimate 1, which will open up the Create Estimate screen, uncheck the Estimate Active box, which is beside the Customer: Job field and then Save & Close.


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