New SharePoint 2010 Live Online and Classroom Training Outline

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When you are finished with this class you will be able to:

  • Set up Colloaborative Workspaces
  • Manage Versioing and advanced Library and Document Permissions
  • Create useful intranets and extranets
  • Shared Group Calendars, Task Lists and Projects


SharePoint 2010 Plain and Simple
Printed SharePoint 2010 Plain and Simple

Course Outline

Lesson 1- Overview and Tour
What is SharePoint?
What SharePoint Can Do for You?
General Useful Features of SharePoint

Lesson 2- Creating Collaborative Sites
Understanding Sites
Creating a SharePoint Site Based on a Template
Locating Items on a Team Site
Working with Workspaces
Changing a Site’s Look and Feel
Viewing Site Content

Lesson 3- Shared Calendars and Contacts
Shared Calendars
Group Calendars
Shared Contacts
Syncing them to Outlook

Lesson 4- List and Library Essentials
Creating and Deleting Lists
Adding, Editing, and Deleting List Items
Organizing Items with Folders
Working with List Columns
Sorting and Filtering Lists
Working with List View
Enhancing Communication with the Discussion List

Lesson 5- Collaborating on Documents
Tracking Minor and Major Versions of Documents
Managing Documents with a Document Library
Customizing Document Templates
Uploading Multiple Documents
Checking Documents In and Out
Tracking Documents with Document IDs
Using Send To Locations
Introducing Document Sets

Lesson 6- Working with Media
Getting Started with Media Sharing
Introducing the Asset Library
Organizing with Keywords and Metadata
Tagging and Uploading Media Files

Lesson 7- Collabortive Projects and Tasks
Creating a Project Schedule with the Project Tasks List

Lesson 8- Intergreating and Syncing Sharepoint
Using SharePoint with Office
Connecting SharePoint Libraries to Office
Connecting a SharePoint Calendar to Outlook
Archiving Outlook E-Mail in SharePoint
Sharing PowerPoint Slides with a Slide Library
Broadcasting a PowerPoint Presentation
Importing and Exporting Lists to Excel
Syncing to SharePoint Workspace
Saving Excel, Word & PowerPoint into SharePoint directly from Office

Lesson 9- Permission and Security
Understanding SharePoint Security
Setting Permissons on a Site, Library or Document Level
Adding People to Groups
Creating Groups
Granting Permissions to an Individual
Breaking Inheritance
Granting Access to Lists, Libraries, and Individual Items
Removing Security
Checking Permissions

Lesson 10- Searching for Information
Introducing Search Center
Using Search Scopes
Using Refiners
Setting Up Best Bet Results
Using Advanced Search

Optional Lessons Based on Participant Interest
Organizing and Managing Information
Managing Site Columns
Managing Content Types
Customizing Document Templates with Content Types

Advanced Lists
Using List and Column Validation Rules
Using the Issues List


My Sites
Using Personal Sites and Social Networking
Introducing My Site
Editing Your User Profile
Uploading Content
Tracking Colleagues
Updating Your Status
Using Your Note Board

Creating Blogs
Collaborating with Blogs
Creating a Blog Site
Change Your Blog Picture and Description
Managing Blog Posts
Managing Blog Comments

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