AutoFill Or Sort Data Using Custom Lists

Well it’s really easy to create any list of values you want and use them the same way.

Microsoft excel Custom List dialog1) First you need to tell Excel what you want in your custom list. So, enter the values of the list on your worksheet in the order that you want them;

2) Next select the range of cells containing your list;

3) From the File tab choose Options, Advanced tab and, in the General section, click the Edit Custom Lists button. (In Excel 2007, from the Office Button, click the Excel Options button and on the Popular tab click the Edit Custom Lists button);

4) Click the Import button and your list will be added to the Custom Lists area. Alternatively, instead of importing your list from your worksheet, you can type your list of values directly into the Custom Lists dialog box.

5) Click OK. Your custom List is saved and is now available for use in any workbook.

AutoFilling a Custom List:

Whenever you want to add this custom list of values to any worksheet, simply enter the first value from your list into a cell and drag the fill handle to complete your list.

Sorting Based on a Custom List:

To sort your data using the order of your custom list, choose Custom List from the Order dropdown in the Sort dialog.