Bitcasa vs DropBox Comparison Training


January 19, 2012

The Comparison: Bitcasa vs Dropbox

Bitcasa vs DropBox Comparison Training

Bitcasa vs Dropbox

Bitcasa is the new upcoming cloud based desktop storage startup that has grown in expectation over the last few months as it nears public release in the next few months.

Bitcasa is now in beta testing, and a few have gained early access to the service, which has received positive feedback at first impressions. Bitcasa will launch publicly in the next few months, but will enter a market that has top names already like DropBox, SugarSync,, Mozy, and many others in the consumer cloud based online storage market.

I’ve been contacted by several people who have requested to write about how Bitcasa compares to others in the space, specially on Dropbox, since it seems to be the most popular out of other competitors due to its large popularity as a simple to use service.

I’ve noted the pros and cons of how Bitcasa compares to Dropbox so far based on the beta testing phase, which I’ve been blessed on testing until it’s release to the public.

Lets begin the Bitcasa vs Dropbox comparison

The Comparison


bitcasa The Comparison: Bitcasa vs Dropbox


  • Infinite storage of any number of files, internal hard drives, and external hard drives available on the cloud via Bitcasa from any Bitcasa enable computer running either the Bitcasa Mac, Windows or Linux application. Unlimited Bandwidth
  • IStarting price $10 USD a month when released to the public.
    No upload limit
  • ISync folders, and entire hard drives across multiple computer with Bitcasa enabled, and install their machines.
  • IFriendly user interface
  • IHelpful intro videos to help you get up and running in no time.
    Share folders using a simple private link.
  • IShare hard drives using a simple private link.
  • IYour files are fully encrypted from Up to 18 GB of reserved cache available to help load those directories faster, and can be adjusted to your preference. I set mines at 2 GB, and its recommended by Bitcasa.

Cons compared to Dropbox offering:

No sync for mobile devices like Android, iPhone or iPad. It will most likely release an iOS app and Android app on its public release. It’s currently under beta testing so release a mobile app isn’t the best of moves, which
is totally understandable, but that might change in the future.

Uploads seem to take a while to upload even using high-speed connections “Infinite Storage” title in Bitcasa tagline seems misleading, and has taken some heat from the press because of its usage, but we know obviously no once can actually have infinite storage.

No web-based platform to manage your file remotely when your away from your computers. Dropbox offers a web-based platform to allow users to upload files, which will sync across all their devices the moment the upload is complete.

No way to look back to earlier versions of any files. It might be added in the future when Bitcasa is publicly released.


dropbox The Comparison: Bitcasa vs Dropbox


  • Free account with 2 GB of storage, with subscription up to 100 GB
    Work offline easily with or without a connection
  • Files are secure, and available from anywhere via Dropbox website, desktop or from mobile devices
  • Upload the latest version of the file, and options to view earlier versions of the file. You can go back to earlier version of that same file since Dropbox only uploads what has changed.
  • Create collaborative folders with your team, family, and friends with sharing a simple link tied to the user’s email address.
  • Share files publicly by placing files in your ‘public’ folder easy.
    Access Dropbox from your smart phone or mobile device on your iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch iPad), Android, and Blackberry to alway keep your files at hand.
  • Dropbox keeps one month history of your work, so you can easily access earlier version of any document you wish to view.
  • Any changes can be undone, deleted or removed without affecting your other files.
  • All your data is secure and encrypted from the moment to upload to the point its on the Dropbox server.

Cons compared to Bitcasa Offering:

  • No infinite storage option, and compared to Bitcasa unlimited storage comes available right at their lowest offering at $10 USD versus the same rate on Dropbox is only 50 GB.
  • Viewer videos to help you get started, which isn’t really a con because Dropbox is really east to use it doesn’t need it, but for argument purposes lets put this under con just to be here.
  • Limited Bandwidth: Dropbox puts a cap on your bandwidth, which I believe is at 2 GB so user don’t start building websites using their dropbox account, which you can do. (I will be creating a future post on how to build a blog, website, and search engine using dropbox, stay tuned!)
  • These are a few comparison between Bitcasa and Dropbox, which I plan to expand this list as features are added to Bitcasa to make a full comparison on the key features between bitcasa vs Dropbox.

Final Thoughts

Overall both services (Bitcasa and Dropbox) are essentially highly beneficial, it still difficult to compare fully to each other due to the that fact one of the services, Bitcasa, has not been even publicly released, but so far up to this point based on the extensive beta testing we can bring up some benefits between Bitcasa and Dropbox.

If hope you find this comparison helpful, and can better outline the benefits of each up to this point when this post was published. lucky people the chance to try Bitcasa under beta, which you can find further details by visiting this link.
I hope you found this post helpful for selecting a service that offers the best
solutions for you.

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