NYIM – MS Outlook Tip of the Day – How to Create AutoCorrect Entries to Use as Email Templates

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Outlook’s AutoCorrect function is best known for automatically fixing typos and spelling, and expanding acronyms into plain text.

But did you know you can have Outlook insert whole blocks of text into your email by typing a few keys?

So easy and so efficient for those standard, repetitive email replies!

Here we go:

  1.  On the “Home” tab, go to “New Email”
  2.  Type in or copy/paste the text you want to insert automatically
  3.  Highlight the text
  4.  In THAT email window, Go to the “File” tab, select “Options”
  5.  At “Options”, select “Mail”, then click “Spelling and AutoCorrect” button
  6.  You should land on the “Proofing” tab at next screen, select “AutoCorrect Options”
  7.  You’ll see all existing AutoCorrect entries in grid at bottom of screen
  8.  At “Replace” field type a short word/phrase as the code for the text you want
  9.  At “With” field, select “Plain” or “Formatted” text (use formatted if there is bolding,  underlines, etc. in your text)
  10.  Click “Ok” button 3 times
  11.  Type the code word you created in a new email and – voila! there is your frequently-used text!

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