Custom Date Format Wrapped To Two Lines- Excel Training

Custom Date Format Wrapped To Two Lines- Excel Training
Here’s a pretty cool trick that you may not have seen before in Excel.

Custom date format wrapped to two lines

The date entered in the image above doesn’t look so unusual.

You could simply type ‘Saturday’ press ALT+ENTER, to go to the next line, and type ‘December 25, 2010’

What may surprise you though, is that the value in this cell is actually a real date, such as 25/12/2010 (or 12/25/2010 in the US).

Custom date format wrapped to two lines

Let me show you a simple little trick to force a custom date format to wrap to two lines…and you’re not limited only to the format I’ve used in this example.

1) Enter December 25, 2010 in an empty cell;

2) Select the cell;

3) On the Home tab, click small arrow on bottom right corner of the Number group;

4) In the Category section, select Custom;

5) In the Type field, enter dddd. You will see Saturday in the Sample area of the Format Cells dialog box;

6) Still in the Type field, hold down the ALT key and type 0010 using the numeric keypad. ALT+0010 is the code for the line feed character. After you type (ALT+) 0010, it may appear that the previous code you just entered disappeared. It didn’t. Now type mmmm dd, yyyy;

Just to review, in the Type field you should have entered dddd ALT+0010 mmmm dd, yyyy ;

7) Click the Alignment tab (in the Format Cells dialog) and select the Wrap Text option;

8) Click OK;

9) Finally, increase the row height to display the two-line date. If you don’t want to change the row heights in your worksheet, you can select the cell containing the date and the cell immediately below and merge the cells (Home tab, Alignment group, Merge & Center, Merge Cells).

Here are some other variations you could use for your two-line dates.

Custom date format wrapped to two lines