cPanel Pros

  • Fast and efficient on most web hosts. Does not require use of an external database.
  • Lots of features and very extendable. Integrates with with third party scripts like Fantastico, RV Skins and CFS firewall.
  • Good reseller report with WHM. Allow you to create your own packages, manage accounts, monitor resource usage and more.
  • Most popular control panel. This means more clients are used to the interface, and less support request you have to answer.
  • Excellent support. If you ever run into issues, cPanel support is very responsive.

cPanel Cons

  • Only available for Linux platforms.
  • Hard to maintain. Frequent updates and packages.

Plesk Pros

  • Cluster Support – maintain several servers from a single place.
  • Cross platform – works on both Windows and Linux.
  • Integrates with Windows services like Microsoft SQL server.
  • Plesk is cheaper ($800 for unlimited domain license).

Plesk Cons

  • Does not integrate with non-Microsoft products
  • Slower load times – more sluggish, especially on Linux
  • Interface is harder to use and customize