Generate MS-Excel Graphs and Charts from SPSS Output Files [Solved]

Generate MS-Excel Graphs and Charts from SPSS Output Files

Description of Procedure

SPSS LogoRaw text files can be used as input to the SPSS software to perform a statistical analysis. Using the data import facility in the “File – Read text data” menu of the SPSS data file screen, one can import text data delimited by any character (space, tab etc) on to SPSS, and save the data file as a .sav file.

Screen shot – SPSS data file imported from text file:


The next step is to find the appropriate command from one of the “Data”, “Transform”, “Analyze” or “Variables” menus, to suit the analytical need of the user, and run it on the data set. The results are shown as an output file on the screen, on the SPSS viewer. These results can be saved , if necessary, as a .spo file.

Screen shot – SPSS output file:

screenshot 2

The output tables can be highlighted (they are then know as pivot tables) and double clicked to set them in the editable mode. Then one can select all the contents of the table(s) by using the “Ctrl-A” command, and copy them using the “Edit-Copy” or “Ctrl-C” commands.

Screen shot – MS Excel worksheet created from SPSS output file:

screenshot 3Screen shot – generation of graph from MS Excel worksheet:

screenshot 4

These results can be copied and pasted on to an MS-Excel template in a tabular form. To create a graph/chart on Excel, first the required data is selected on the spreadsheet. Then the “Chart” option is selected from the “Insert” Menu, and the type of chart required is chosen (column, pie, etc). The data range is set to be the one selected on the spreadsheet (it appears automatically that way). A title for the chart can be given at this point, and so can the legends for the X and Y axes, representing what the X and Y axes stand for. The graph can now be saved as an object in the original data sheet or as a new graph.

By the above mentioned simple steps that can be used to combine the two applications, we can take advantage of the strengths of both software packages, and get highly sophisticated statistical analysis as well as superior chart/graph generating capabilities, than as stand alone applications.