How Do I Change Desktop Icon Size in Windows 7

Right click on any empty area on the desktop, and then click on View, and then select the size of the icons, either Large, Medium or Small icons.

For example, below is a quick comparison between the three different default sizes :

Small Icons Medium Icons Large Icons

But how about if you want to customize the icons size, for example, to set them larger than the default large size ?? well here is a hint on how to set the icons size to any size you want:

  1. Using the left click of the mouse, click on an empty area in the desktop. This step is to make sure that there is no application selected/clicked on.
  2. Using your keyboard, press and keep holding the CTRL button, then using your mouse wheel, roll it upward to make the icons size larger, or downward to set the icon size smaller


As you will notice, now I can have very large icons, as seen in the below snapshot

or very small icons

or any other size in between, depending how I roll the mouse wheel.