How to put Dropbox on a Network Drive Windows (Easy Training Tutorial)

  1. Create a folder on any local drive
  2. Hit the Windows or start button and choose Run:
  3. Type: CMD to bring up a command prompt window
  4. Load a command prompt and use the following :
    subst x: c:\Dropbox
    This will create what looks like a normal internal drive linking to that directory
  5. Open Dropbox and Choose advanced installation. Choose the folder you’ve created (x:\)
    Finish Dropbox installation
  6. Quit dropbox immediately after finishing installation
  7. Return to command prompt and remove the virtual drive mapping with
    subst x: /d
  8. Map the drive to your network drive/NAS.
    Open any windows window
    Press Map Network Drive
    Assign the Mapped Drive to X
    Choose the Network Drive Location you’d like Dropbox to sync to
  9. Re-open Dropbox