How to Insert Hyperlinks into Word [Solved]

How to Insert Hyperlinks into Word

Word 2010 LogoHyperlinks are links that you include in your document that allow you to quickly jump to another location by clicking the hyperlinked word or image. Hyperlinks can link to places within the document, places in other documents, email addresses or web pages.  In addition to hyperlinks, Word 2010 has a special kind of link, known as a cross-reference, which allows you to link to numbered item, heading, bookmark, footnote/endnote, equation, figure or table.

  1. Open the document you would like to add the hyperlinks to. Select the text you would like to link.
  2. On the Insert tab, click Hyperlink in the Links group.
  3. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, you have a number of hyperlink options.  In the left pane, select what type of location you would like to link to.
    1. Existing File or Web Page: select the location from one of the items listed.  Or enter in the location in the Address field – this is typically used for websites or network addresses.
      Existing File or Web Page
    2. Place in this Document: select from any of the headings or bookmarks within the document.  If all the items are not displayed, click the plus symbol to expand the category.
      Place in this Document
    3. Create New Document: enter the name for the new document and selectChange to enter in the location where the new document should be saved.
      Create New Document
    4. E-mail Address: enter an email address that should automatically be entered into a new email form.  You may also choose to add a subject line, which will also be included in the email message.”

      NOTE: this will use whichever application is set up as the default email software on your computer.  When clicking on this hyperlink, you may be prompted to confirm that you would like to open your email program.

      E-mail Address

  4. Once you have selected your hyperlink option, click OK.
  5. You will see that your hyperlinked text now appears in colour and underlined.  To test the hyperlink, hover your mouse over the text to see the ScreenTip appear.
    Screen Tip
  6. Hold Ctrl and click the hyperlinked text.  Your selected location will open.
  7. If you no longer want the texted to link to anything, right-click the hyperlink and selectRemove Hyperlink.
    Remove Hyperlink
  8. The hyperlink will be removed and the text will no longer appear in colour or underlined.

That’s it for inserting hyperlinks.  Hope you found it useful – don’t forget to take a look at some of the other tutorials about working in Word 2010.