How to Make a Partial Payment in QuickBooks 2010-2013

How to Make a Partial Payment in QuickBooks 2010-2013

1.     Go to the “Customers Menu” and choose the “Receive Payments” option.

2.     Select the appropriate customer in which you are receiving the payment from in the   “Received From” drop down menu located directly under the Customer Payment dialog box title.

3.     Press the “Tab” key until you rest on the “Amount” field of the Customer Payment section of the Receive Payments window.

4.     Enter in the partial payment amount that the customer has made in the “Amount” field.

5.     Press “Tab” again and select the “Pmt. Method” dropdown menu. From this menu, select the type of payment the customer is using for their partial payment in the QuickBooks program.

6.     Click the “Un-Apply Payment” button.

7.     Go to the “Payment” column and re-type in the partial payment amount the customer has made that will be applied to the second invoice.

8.     Press “Tab” again and make sure the appropriate payment type is selected. For checks, you will need to type in the check number from the customer’s payment within the “Check #” field.

9.     Select the “Leave this as an underpayment” option when the program states “Underpayment [partial payment amount]. When you finish do you want to:.”

10.     Click the “Save & New” button in order to record the partial payment for that specific customer and reset the customer payment window.