Import Excel Spreadsheet to a SharePoint 2010 Custom List

Import data from Excel into SharePoint 2010. We have the following Excel containing usage data of different browsers over the months.


Go into SharePoint 2010 and select the option “More options…” under “Site actions”.


This will open the create dialog of SharePoint 2010 which normally allows you to create content like sites, pages and lists. Look for something called “Import spreadsheet” and press the “Create” button.


“Import spreadsheet” will create a custom list from an Excel data file. Give the custom list a name and use the browse functionality to select the earlier mentioned xlsx file. Click on the “Import” button to start the import.


This will open Excel and let you select the range of cells to import into the custom list of SharePoint 2010. The first row in the Excel sheet will define the column names.


When the “Import” button is clicked the Excel sheet is closed and the new custom list is opened in SharePoint 2010. As you can see the columns are based on the first row of the selected data. The data is not linked in any way back to Excel. So you will need to export it again to get linked data. The custom list is standard SharePoint and will allow you to do anything with this list what would be possible in SharePoint 2010.