Making Deposits in QuickBooks 2010-2013

Making Deposits in QuickBooks 2010-2013

To do this task

  1. Go to the Banking menu and click Make Deposits.
  2. If the Payments to Deposit window opens, select the payments from Undeposited Funds you want to deposit now, click OK, then continue with step 3.


If the Payments to Deposit window doesn’t open automatically, you don’t currently have any payments in the Undeposited Funds account. Continue with step 3.

To reopen the Payments to Deposit window at any time you have undeposited payments, click Payments in the Make Deposits window.

3. In the Make Deposits window, click the Deposit To list and choose the bank account you want to deposit into.

4. Enter the date and an optional memo.

5. The Currency field matches the currency of the account selected in the Deposit To field and determines the currency of the deposit.

6. Enter an exchange rate for foreign deposits. Home currency deposits always use an exchange rate of 1.

7. Add any additional payments to deposit.

  • Enter any deposits that did not come from customer payments
  • Enter any cash amounts that you want to deposit. The cash amounts will be totaled and entered as one amount on the deposit slip.
  • (Optional) If depositing a payment made by credit card, enter the credit card fees as a negative amount and change them to an expense account by listing the fees on a separate line here. You cannot deposit credit card payments when using a printable deposit slip.

Note: To return to the list of payments to deposit, click Payments on the window menu bar.

8. Save the deposit