Using E-mail Tracking With Outlook

Using E-mail Tracking With Outlook

Outlook LogoWhile many people and companies use Outlook as their default mail client, there are still many who don’t use Outlook to its fullest extent. I receive many questions from Outlook users about how to set tracking functions and what each function is for. The art of e-mail tracking allows you to retain control of several of Outlooks Functions. In order for E-mail tracking with Outlook to be most beneficial you must be sending and receiving e-mails with people using a Microsoft Exchange Server or a compatible mail system. Otherwise some of these tracking functions will not work. Table 1.1 shows what can be controlled through the use of E-mail tracking using Outlook:


Tracking Functions Description of Tracking Functions
Read Receipts When and how to respond to these items
Requests When and how to respond to these items
Responses When and how to respond to these items


Before you can even begin tracking, you need to set up your Tracking Options within Outlook. In order to do this you need to follow these steps:


  1. Select the Tool Menu, choose Options and then click on the E-mail Options button
  2. The E-mail Options dialogue box should now appear on your screen
  3. Click on the Tracking Options button
  4. The Tracking Options dialogue box should now appear on your screen


On this page you will see many option available to you for making changes to the way Outlook handles your mail. Options that you will see can be found in Table 1.2 along with how these options work.


Tracking Option Description
Process requests and responses on arrival Automatically logs requests and responses and deals with them accordingly.
Process Receipts on arrival Automatically processes receipts.
After processing, move receipts to Enables you to automatically have receipts moved to another folder after processing
Delete blank voting and meeting responses after processing Unless responses are edited they will automatically be deleted after processing
Request a read receipt for all messages I send Enables you to have a read receipt attached to all outgoing mail
Request a delivery receipt for all messages I send Enables you to receive a receipt when your outgoing mail reaches its final destination
Always send a response This determines how to handle read and deliver receipts to Internet e-mail senders.
Never send a response Outlook will ignore requests for receipts

After making your selections in this dialogue box, keep clicking OK until you wind up back at the Outlook window. All of your changes should no be in effect.