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Course Title Course Overview
Make the switch to the new SharePoint 2010 user interface In this course, you’ll learn what’s changed from the previous version of SharePoint, and get up to speed working with the new ribbon.
Share information in a central place This course shows you some features in SharePoint Server 2010 that make it easy to share information. Learn how to find your way around SharePoint sites. The course also shows how to create and edit pages, and how to use blogs and wikis to share knowledge with team members.
Collaborate on documents and projects more efficiently This course shows you some features in SharePoint Server 2010 that make it easy to manage projects and documents. Learn how to use calendars, work on documents simultaneously with other people, take documents offline using SharePoint Workspace, and manage projects.
Manage documents and content in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Learn about the new and updated document management features in SharePoint Server 2010, including Document Sets, content ratings, Document IDs, support for digital assets, and metadata navigation.
Introduction to Web Content Management This course provides an introduction to designing and authoring structured content pages on a publishing site.
My Sites: Connecting to people and information This course will show you how to connect with people and information by using your My Site.
Introduction to Records Management and Compliance This course introduces some of the new and improved Records Management and Compliance features in SharePoint Server 2010.
Quickly find the resources you need to get your job done In this course, you’ll learn how SharePoint Server 2010 has been improved to help you quickly and easily find the documents you need to get your work done faster.
Make Better Business Decisions In this course, you’ll learn how to use a PerformancePoint dashboard to analyze potential business concerns, and then share information with others.

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Sharepoint 2010 Feature Comparison Table

SharePoint Comparison Chart

SharePoint 2010 Comparison Chart

SharePoint Foundation is free
SharePoint Server ~$4,000
Enterprise  ~$36,000


Here is another comparison Table with more feature details.



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