WordPress training $75 off – WordPress class on Tuesday, September 6

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WordPress training $75 off – $224 ONLY – How to create a Dynamic Website or Blog with WordPress class on Tuesday, September 6.

This WordPress group class concentrates on how to get a WordPress up quickly and efficiently. When you are finished with this class you will be able to create a website using WordPress, add posts and pages, customize existing templates, and feel comfortable updating your site.

This class is perfect to those seeking to build and maintain a website easily, those looking to update a website, either by themselves or as part of a team, and those who want to create a web presence without learning coding languages.

Visit us at www.training-nyc.com or call 212-658-1918 to enroll while the price is hot!

How to Create a WordPress Post

How to Create a WordPress Post

1. Log into your WordPress site.

2. Click on Posts. This will allow you to create tags, categories, or Add New posts. Click on Add New.

WordPress Posts toolbar

This will bring you to the screen where you will start a new post.

Add New Post screen

3. Come up with an interesting title and write your blog. WordPress allows you to easily write the blog and add images or whatever else you might want

4. Write the content. Try to make it something interesting for yourself and others to read.

5. Publish your post. You can publish it to a draft, which means that you are saving it, but no one else will see it, or you can actually publish it to be read by others.

WordPress publishing options