Excel VBA Shortcuts

NOTE: The key assignments listed here are for standard US-English keyboards. Key mappings on non-US-English keyboards are slightly different.
Key Alone Shift Ctrl Alt Shift Ctrl
F1 Help
F2 Object Browser Procedure Definition Focus To Object Box Previous Position
F3 Copy Find Prev
F4 Properies Window Find Next Close Window Close VBE
F5 Run Run Error Handler
F6 Switch Split Windows Switch Between Last 2 Windows
F7 Goto Window Of Object Step Error Handler
F8 Step Procedure Step Run To Cursor
F9 Breakpoint Quick Watch Clear All Breakpoints
F10 Activate Menu Bar Show Right Click Menu Activate Menu Bar
F11 Return To Application
Key Alone Shift Ctrl Alt Shift Ctrl
A Normal Characters

 Select All

Add-Ins Menu
C Copy
D Debug Menu
E Export Module Edit Menu
F Find File Menu
G Immediate Window
H Replace Help Menu
I Turn On Quick Info Turn On Param Info
J List Members Insert Menu Turn On List Properties
L Show Call Stack
M Import File
N New Line
O Format Menu
P Print
Q Close & Return
R Project Window Run Menu
S Save
T Show Available Components Tools Menu
V Paste View Menu
W Window Menu
X Cut
Y Cut Entire Line
Z Undo
` (~)
Key Alone Shift Ctrl Alt Shift Ctrl
1 (!)
2 (@)
3 (#)
4 ($)
5 (%)
6 (^)
7 (&)
8 (*)
9 (()
0 ())
= (+)
; (semicolon)
‘ (apostrophe)
: (colon)
Key Alone Shift Ctrl Alt Shift Ctrl
Insert Toggle Insert Mode Paste Copy
Delete Delete Delete To End Of Word
Home Beginning Of Line Select To Start Of Line Top Of Module
End End Of Line Select To End Of Line End Of Module
Page Up Page Up Select To Top Of Module Top Of Current Procedure
Page Down Page Down Select To End Of Module End Of Current Procedure
Left Arrow Left Extend Selection Left 1 Char Left Word
Right Arrow Right Extend Selection Right 1 Char Right Word
Up Arrow Up Extend Selection Up Previous Procedure
Down Arrow Down Extend Selection Down Next Procedure
Space Bar Turn On Complete Word System Menu
Tab Indent Un-indent Cycle Windows Cycle Applications
Enter New Line
BackSpace Delete Prev Char Delete To Start Of Word Undo



You can download this as an Excel workbook here.

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