How to put Dropbox on a Network Drive Windows (Easy Training Tutorial)

  1. Create a folder on any local drive
  2. Hit the Windows or start button and choose Run:
  3. Type: CMD to bring up a command prompt window
  4. Load a command prompt and use the following :
    subst x: c:\Dropbox
    This will create what looks like a normal internal drive linking to that directory
  5. Open Dropbox and Choose advanced installation. Choose the folder you’ve created (x:\)
    Finish Dropbox installation
  6. Quit dropbox immediately after finishing installation
  7. Return to command prompt and remove the virtual drive mapping with
    subst x: /d
  8. Map the drive to your network drive/NAS.
    Open any windows window
    Press Map Network Drive
    Assign the Mapped Drive to X
    Choose the Network Drive Location you’d like Dropbox to sync to
  9. Re-open Dropbox

19 thoughts on “How to put Dropbox on a Network Drive Windows (Easy Training Tutorial)

  1. I think there is something missing. Step 8, not possible to map it to a network drive with the folder is nothing but a virtual folder still on your local machine. Not understaning how you have moved the virtual drive to the network.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • It does work. Basically you are creating a substitute. Think of it like creating another type of “shortcut” but one that is at a more system level.

  2. Thanks, this worked an absolute treat! Now my Windows Server can use the Dropbox client to a share on my ZFS server!

  3. Hi Joe

    Followed your instructions and they worked perfectly (took me a google search to find map network drive button tho) (open my computer).


  4. Hey,

    I´ve got a bit of a special setup. The dropbox client runs inside a virtual machine and the vm has a mapped network drive (x:).

    So far everything works fine with your tutorial, but when starting Dropbox it says: “No access to the Dropbox folder”.

    Any idea ?

    Thx !

    • Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with mapped drives inside of a virtual machine. Hopefully someone else can chime in and be able to help.

  5. Hi,
    I have seen it mentioned that network drives don’t tell DropBox when files have been changed. DropBox sweeps the folder looking for updates when it starts, but from then on it relies on the drive letting it know when files have changed.
    Is this true? If so then beware!

  6. This works great but i have a different scenario. Currently all my music sits on a NAS and is mapped using the M:\ drive letter. If i click the M:\ drive is see all Artists folders (itunes managed). Is there any way to keep that structure instead of being forced to use the default M:\Dropbox\Artist?

    Thx in advance

  7. Why can’t you just move the dropbox location to an already mapped drive on the network?

    My situation is that I have both a Mac and PC that I’d like to “sync”, but keep all the files on a PC file server that I have. It’s already linked to the MAC, but can’t I just point the PC to it’s mapped drive?

    • Okay, so I got it to work. First, from the Mac, I moved the files from my local Mac drive, to the file server location. Apparently on Mac’s it doesn’t seem to care if it’s a network drive or not. Then after that change was done, I hopped on my Win7 machine and did what you outlined above. Seems like it’s all good now… That’s really a great method for doing it as I kept running out of space on my local machine. In fact, I think I’m going to keep a lot more data in Dropbox since it’s really that easy to use now.

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