Insert an automatically updating YEAR in Word 2010 (Word 2010 Training)

If you’d like to insert just the year into your Word 2010 Document.

Insert > Quickparts > Field

Choose Field Name “Date” and then “1/1/2012” format

Press “Alt F9″ to reveal the field codes”

You will see something that says “{ DATE \\@ “M/d/yyyy” \*Mergeformat}

Take out the “M/d/” and only leave the “yyyy” if you’d like a 4 digit year.
Leave “yy” if you’d like a 2 digit year.

It will look like this:
“{ DATE \\@ “yyyy” \*Mergeformat}

Press “Alt F9” to unreveal the code
Right click the Date and choose “Update Field”


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