Using a merge field inside an “If…Then…Else” mail merge field (Word 200/2010)

After going through you mail merge set up.

Add a “If…Then…Else” field by Clicking the drop down for Rules in Mailings Tab

Add your criteria.

In this case. I want to either end the sentence with a Period or insert the name of the the persons spouse.

EX for single person.
Please paypal {amount} to me for lodging costs.

EX for married person.
Please paypal {amount} to me for lodging costs for you and Margaret.

The logic is:
If the Spouse first name is not equal to “nothing” then add “for you and Spouse”
Otherwise “.”

Hit Ok.

Now Hit ALT + F9

This will reveal the code word mail merge code.

You can then copy and paste the Merge field inside of the If Than Else Statement where you’d like it to go

Press ALT+F9 to return

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